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The guide service from Expressions Kerala provides guides who maintain a warm and cordial relationship with the guests. Our guides are trained and well informed about the tourist destinations. They are veritable repositories on local knowledge on routes, lores and histories. Their knowledge of local price indices saves you from exploitation by unscrupulous persons. They are well versed in the local parlance, English and other foreign languages.  

Every land has its own unique unsaid rules, customs, codes, conventions, propriety, and etiquette, which no one can acquire merely through bookish knowledge. It requires the help of someone who knows the local culture. Our guides are your safety, the friend in times of need, the friend who can save you from embarrassing situations. 

Every visitor to Kerala will experience a culture shock- the difference in the culture in the east and west is so great that they are not able to fathom things that are not seen in the culture. Our guide will help you to acclimatise with the cultural and social environment of Kerala. Their informed support will help you to make your tour a worthwhile one.