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Kerala Yoga & Meditation package

Yoga is based on ancient Indian wisdom and culture. Yoga is an art of living a healthy, balanced, peaceful and contented life. Yoga means “to join”- the joining of the mind with the body. Yoga, being a total integrated system, studies man in his wholeness - body, mind and spirit and is integrated to certain principles, ideas, values, attitudes and a way of life for personal and social benefits. With some help from the experts in Yoga, you can have a greater control over your mind, reduce stress, tension, and rejuvenate your life itself for a healthier and happier lifestyle.  

Conceived by the great sages in their quest for self-realisation, Yoga has come to be recognised during its; long travails from the hermitages to the cities. Yoga as the science of man, a philosophy old life, a code of conduct, an attitude and an approach, as well as an art of living which is capable not only of ensuring physical well-being, mental peace harmony, moral elevation and spiritual uplift of man but also of transforming man from his gross animal existence to the sublime heights of divinity. 

Kerala yoga meditation packages must, however be kept in mind that it is a long and arduous journey that calls for perseverance, persistence, dedication and total surrender. 

Yoga tours with Expressions Kerala is based on a deep understanding of man and his position in this world and was the first system evolved in the world to recognise the connection and the interaction between body and mind. Yoga studies in depth the very structure of the human personality, through analysis the psychological complexities and the cause of human pain, sorrow and suffering. Yoga has laid down psychosomatic means through its various psycho-physiological processes for dealing with the body mind complex and tries to harmonize and integrate the human personality at all levels and stages of life.   

Yoga and meditation in Kerala are basically a way of LIFE which has been evolved as a system to go beyond the personality - complex and achieve absolute freedom-liberation of the spirit from the matter.  

To usher in this change in your life, you can visit Kerala, the cradle of Yoga. The general ambience of this place, with its mysterious charm and a pacifying atmosphere is ideally suited for Yoga. Special Yoga Vacation Tour Package of Kerala designed by us will give you an ideal opportunity to learn the art of Yoga. Kerala is one of the world’s best destinations to learn Kerala yoga meditation will be quite beneficial for you in improving your quality of life.