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Kerala is the paradise for the adventurous. The calm mountains and fast flowing rivers have a hidden side of adventure. The mountains are ideal for trekking and rock climbing. The placid face of the rivers changes to an ecstasy of gushes and gurgles as you move further upstream. Get the shots of adrenalin by conquering one peak after another.

Kerala has no dearth of steep mast like hills ideal for the most adventurous. It is a trekker's heaven, with long walks that go deep into the valleys of nature. Then try camping in a jungle.  


Kerala is well known for its canals, lagoons, lakes and rivers. These backwaters with their peculiar landscape have had a distinct impact on the lifestyle of the people who live along its banks. Kerala's uniqueness lies in these backwaters found nowhere else in the world. They form a beautiful and economically viable feature of Kerala. The 41 west - flowing rivers of Kerala form the backbone to this magnificent gift of nature.

Trekking & Camping  

The itineraries will take you to Periyar tiger reserve and then through the mountain roads to Munnar. Retreat to a camp as you pitch your tent in the Periyar Tiger Reserve under the guidance and care of experts. 

Water Sports  

Kerala being the land of rivers, lagoons and lakes in the interiors and the sea on the west, makes it an ideal destination for those inclined to water sports for relaxation and adventure.

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